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With Windows 10 Microsoft Reaches To Dial In The Cloud

Well Windows 10 is out again, and many people are installing it right away. We have installed Windows 10 for testing, and the operating system appears to make better use of your system resources, has some nice new features, and some bugs.
The start menu is back, and there are some interesting features that might help with malware, and viral issues.
Microsoft Edge is a new browser, still in development, but looks pretty good. It is a light weight browser, and you are able to annotate web pages then share them with others.
The operating system is smooth and has some aspects that long time users of windows with see as a departure from the normal os release. Built into Windows 10 is the Windows Store where you can buy apps, movies, and other digital content. Cortana is Microsofts new voice activated personal assistant hello; built in. Windows Hello recognizes you based on your presence, coming soon.
All of this is available on all devices in a responsive design, connected partially to the cloud. Windows cloud storage, and Azure are perhaps by mistake on purpose too easy to connect to now.

The install is still new, and we are seeing many problems. Please see the Toms Hardware Forum

For businesses, integration is still a little far away, except for sandbox, and testing purposes, but we suspect a push to quickly adopt this new os.

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